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Instruction by Nadira
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Personal Private & Semi-private Instruction

Looking to kick your dance up a notch?

Private lessons are a great way for fine tuning and overall growth.
Nadira is available for in person or via long distance methods
(Skype, Google).

Packages are available. Please email Nadira to set time/day

Group Classes

These courses cover the basic foundation movements of bellydancing by building on steps learned from week to week. These courses are easy to follow, easy to retain, and fun! It will also provide you with a low impact workout that improves flexibility and coordination.

Bellydance is friendly to all ages and all body types!

Suggested Attire: Please wear clothing appropriate for dance class such as dance or yoga pants, sports bra or t-shirt, scarf to tie around your hips (no coins or beads please). We dance barefoot!

Nadira's Teaching Credentials:

Completed Hadia’s Middle Eastern Teacher Training
Suhaila Salimpour Level 3 certified
Jamila Salimpour Level 2 certified









West Seattle    
Classes: Ongoing, Mondays, 6:00 - 7:00pm
(email Nadira for location information)


------------ NEW STUDIO!!!!! ------------

I am excited to partner with
Shay Moore and Deep Roots Dance
for new classes in Greenwood starting November 2017!

Studio Deep Roots
The Jewel Box Studio
9728 Greenwood Ave North, Seattle, 98103


Level 1 Beginner Bellydance - Tuesdays
Classes will include: Basic conditioning and strengthening, dance posture, basic Egyptian style vocabulary of movement, stage presence, musical interpretation.

We are incorporating finger cymbals in both Level I & II

Level II Intermediate/Advanced Bellydance - Tuesdays
Classes will include: We will build upon the basic Egyptian style vocabulary learned in Level 1, and will include layering, veil, finger cymbals, performance stylization.

$80 per 6 week class (6 classes/session)
*All class payments & packages are due by the first day of class, non-refundable and applicable to current session
$15 walk in (however, space is limited so drop in will not guarantee you a spot)

To pre-register, click the button below:

Please contact to reserve your spot and for further information.

Next 6 Week Sessions: 
  • February 13
  • March 27

(Tues) 7:00-8:00PM    (Beginning)
Studio Deep Roots (Greenwood) 9728 Greenwood Ave North, Seattle, 98103

(Tues) 8:00-9:00PM    (Int/Advanced)  
Studio Deep Roots (Greenwood) 9728 Greenwood Ave North, Seattle, 98103


Downtown, All Levels, 6:00 - 7:00PM

Next 6 Week Sessions:

  • February 21
  • April 1

Belltown Dance Studio
2217 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

($75/6 wk series preregister / $85 at door, $15 walk-in)
To Pre-register, click HERE
*All class payments & packages are due by the first day of class, non-refundable and applicable to current session



"In my professional opinion , every dancer should study with Nadira at some point in your career. Aside from being an excellent artist herself, in all the years I worked with her, I have always been impressed with how well rounded her students are ....some information you can only acquire by years of experience. Thank you Nadira for a job well done!"
George Sadak - master Egyptian tabla (Dumbek) musician

"Nadira is a beautiful and talented performer and choreographer. Nadira is also a great dance instructor and coach. Belly dance is unique to everyone as we are all different in shapes and sizes as well as where we are coming from. Nadira showed me how to frame and exploring dance postures that compliment my unique body style. She shared many creative ways to own the stage. Nadira is an excellent coach for competition as well as helped guiding you to find yourself in dance."
Roxy Stimpson

"Nadira is one of bellydance's top exponents of this dance form today. Her commitment to the art, technical ability, and constant growth both in her dance and as a woman shows her integrity as an artist. Not only is she beautiful to watch, but a very responsible instructor. I am very proud to have Nadira as a part of my program."
Suhaila Salimpour

"Nadira is not only an incredible performer but is one hell of a teacher and comes to you highly recommended. I’ve taken group classes and private lessons with her and have seen a dramatic improvement in my technique, posture, and showmanship. She’s very honest (hard to find) and has a natural teaching ability. She’s also a sweetheart and has an encouraging spirit"
Malia – Seattle, WA

"In just two classes, I am already experiencing a waking up of pelvic and lower back muscles that have been chronically tight for years! My lower back muscles especially have been typically bad, and not just because of surgery 6 months ago. Your attention to muscle detail, your beliefs in the importance of posture and your friendly manner make you top notch in my book as an instructor."
Diane Norton




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